How does it work?

We scour the internet for free open proxies on the regular, test to find those that work, then provide such to you, how you like to consume them, via download, API, email, and web.

Optimized for machine-to-machine communication, though humans welcome too.

Presently active proxies

Open free proxies, updated, and tested continuously. All proxies seen below were active the last time we tested.

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Supported Destinations
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Filters by Country, Type, & Destination

Looking for 100% uptime and sub-second latency on thousands of private proxies, see proxies for business below. Click to learn more about how we determine proxy anonymity, Google-usability, or browser user-agent filtering.

Demo the API

We have a REST API, which we think is the cat's pajamas; recommended for developers seeking presently active proxies. Please try out some live API end points below.

Query Proxies

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Get Proxy Info

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Get a Free or Unlimited API Key

Not all API end-points or parameters are displayed above. Full API and documentation can be found here .

Availability Statistics

See the flux that is proxy availability. Proxies are frequently up-and-down, thus, let us do the aggregation and testing for you.

Presently Active Proxies

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By Country

Active Proxy Flux By Continent


Total Availability Flux


Evolve beyond free proxies

A human is only as good as his/her tools. Free proxies have inherent issues (i.e. uptime, reliability, latency, blocking by content/service providers, and trust). Though they may get you where you want to go, given enough patience, engineering, and trial and error... sometimes you get what you pay for. In the end, more pointed needs require more potent tools.

If you are looking to do web harvesting/scraping, automated data collection, volume scraping, or machine driven collection, you should absolutely check out Ntrepid's Enterprise-class Proxies, part of their Internet Operations Network (Ion). Through one secure proxy, requests are farmed out to thousands of highly available, low latency, frequently curated, and rotated private proxies. In other words, leveraging unreliable proxies requires mediation with uncertain outcome. Engineering hours are not free, so spend such on your core business, and leverage Ion for their turn-key enterprise class attribution network.

Learn More about Proxies for Business

Download in your desired format

Free download files of active open proxies are updated twice daily and limited to 25 records. The complete real-time updated list of open proxies, presently active (1,611) and otherwise (815K), are available via the API. Pick your poison: CSV, JSON, or XML

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More than you want to know

Resources on proxies (how to use them, what they are, ...)

What is a Proxy?

Proxies allow you to access content that might otherwise be filtered based on your location.

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How to Use Proxies

Use a Firefox browser plug-in.

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What is my IP Address

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